OzarkFlyers MAC

Great 360° view of the field I took. Panorama 360°


ReadyHeli Field Representation

Edge 713 SE Blades

Did a little testing of some upcoming Edge 713 SE blades.  Really, REALLY like them a lot.  A big improvement over regular Edge and even Radix FBL IMHO.

BlueTooth for V-Bar


No more wires and adapter cost $5.89 off eBay.

Things Are Speeding Up!

Henseleit TDR

Henseleit TDR

Received my new practice canopy from Insane Canopy today. The quality is amazing as their canopies always are.

TDR Frame Stiffners


I have not had one single problem from my TDR, but picked up a set if frame stiffners Jan Henseleit made. Figured it could not hurt.

Weller WD1002T Soldering Station

New Classifieds Section Above…

I have things from time to time I want to get rid of that aren’t necessarily model oriented only so I thought I’d list them here.  If interested in them just contact me.



Night flying Success!!!