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ReadyHeli Field Representation


BlueTooth for V-Bar


No more wires and adapter cost $5.89 off eBay.

Henseleit TDR

Henseleit TDR

Received my new practice canopy from Insane Canopy today. The quality is amazing as their canopies always are.

TDR Frame Stiffners


I have not had one single problem from my TDR, but picked up a set if frame stiffners Jan Henseleit made. Figured it could not hurt.

New Turnigy NanoTech 10S 4,500mah 45C Pack


Picked up a new pack for the Logo 600. I was down to just one.

Logo 600 Is Ready To Roll Again!


It was really an easy repair. The head and from the tail back I just transferred over 100% there was not a single broken part with the exception of one bent pitch link going to the head. Everything else just simply was moving parts from the old frames to the new ones.

Spin Blades – Matt Black


I finally got a set of Spin Blade Matt Blacks for the TDR. Look forward to giving them a go. Supposed to be the best blades there is right now. Should be quicker than my Radix 690 FBL’s.

Looks like Saturday is going to be great day for flying!


Ozark Flyer’s Shop With A Cop Annual Fun Fly

Ozark Flyer's Shop With A Cop Annual Fun Fly

We were able to raise $400 for our local Shop With a Cop Christmas Charity Fun Fly. GREAT weather and a very good turnout of visiting pilots and great time was had by all.